Hidden Park Proves to be Great Choice for Kids’ Photo Shoot!

     This past weekend we had a photo shoot at a hidden park in Glenwood called Warfields Pond Park.  It’s tucked away in a neighborhood and people who have lived here for years have told me that they didn’t know it existed.  When the Howard County Conservancy booked a wedding unexpectedly on the same night as our shoot, we had to come up with an alternative plan so I asked my client if she had ever heard of Warfields Pond Pack in Glenwood.  She responded with, “Heard of it?  I grew up on that street!”  She explained how special it would be for her to have her children photographed at the very same park where she spent much time as a child herself, driving past her childhood home on her way.

     When the family arrived at the park, the little girl proudly climbed out of her mom’s car in her beautiful blue dress and jewelry that she explained that she had picked out herself.  She couldn’t wait to twirl and show off her beautiful outfit to me as I snapped away.  It didn’t hurt that we had already established a rapport since she had become quite close to my daughter as a friend in her preschool class.  Next came out the handsome little brother with his tight blond ringlets and dressed to the nines in his khakis, polo shirt and hat.  He was more interested in eating his snack than posing for photos so I began photographing his sister first.  She posed naturally and seemed to love every bit of it.  Then, we added in her brother and he surprised us all with his spontaneous hugs that he shared with his sister and goofy faces that showed his fun personality.

     Next we headed to the pond where the kids found turtles which naturally spiked their curiosity and made for a great photo op as well.  Finally we went back to get the brother’s toy tractor that he and his sister sat in and I captured some of my favorite shots as the little boy looked more like a proud man at work than the little boy that he is.  Overall, we had an amazing time and the kids and their mom said how much fun they had and how special it was that I was the one that captured the photos for them.  I was honored that they chose me and felt like I could photograph them for hours since we were all having so much fun.  I can’t wait for their mom and dad to see the final photos of their precious little ones and to feel the same joy every time they look at their new wall art as they did on the day that we had our photo shoot!