How Can You Add an Hour onto Your Day?

     We are all guilty of it.  Overscheduling our families and ourselves and it leaves us feeling like we can’t do any of it well and we feel overwhelmed.  That’s how I was feeling myself last weekend and after some tears, I knew what I had to do and that was to let go of some things that weren’t my priority.  We all wish we had more time in the day.  What if I told you that there was a way to add an hour onto your day???

     I just finished reading the book, “The Happiness Equation: Want Nothing + Do Anything= Have Everything,” by Neil Pasricha.  You can pick up your own copy here if you are ready to reevaluate your own life and live a fuller and happier life.  One of my favorite chapters was about how you can add time to your life.  Here are the suggestions he gives: 

1.  To make more time, remove time.

What this means is that if you pretend that every day is the day before a vacation, you would be amazed at how much you could actually get done.  Giving yourself less time to do things will make you more efficient.  I have seen that in my own life when comparing my work life before and after children.  Before I had kids I felt like I had all the time in the world to get things done so I got less done.  Now that I have kids, my window of opportunity to work has diminished so that the little time that I do get, I use it to the max and get lots accomplished. 

2.  How can you make decisions faster?  Remove choice.

Some ways you can do this are by planning out your meals for the week on Sundays, scheduling out social media posts in advance,  selecting your outfit for work or the gym the night before, sticking to a routine workout.  By making decisions in advance and removing choice, you save time by not going back and forth about things that aren’t that important allowing more room for time for things that are more of a priority and take consideration such as where to go next in your career path or choosing your next home for example.

3.  How can you add an hour onto your day?  Remove access.

This is my favorite tip…  When writing out all of the things that I do in a day and how much time I spend doing each, I was able to see that I was spending much more time than I wanted to on social media.  You can learn more about how I evaluated this by watching my video here.  Being on social media wasn’t my priority, so I decided to remove access to myself by setting a timer for 20 minutes 3 times a day.  This is the time I gave myself to check emails, text messages, social media comments, etc. and once that timer goes off, I go back to being fully focused on my children or on a work project that I want to give my undivided attention to.  I can tell you that after only doing this for one week, I have already felt less overwhelmed and relaxed.  Right now as I type this blog I can hear the birds singing in the background which is far better than hearing my phone chime or Facebook notifications going off!

     If you too would like to feel less overwhelmed and like you are not always chasing the clock, then try one or all three of these tips and let me know in the comments how it goes!