How Can We Do Less and Be More?

     Spring is one of my favorite seasons because it’s all about new beginnings.  The sky brightens, the flowers bloom and the birds start singing.  Each morning that I wake up I do my best to set my intention for that day and try not to look too far ahead.

     I find that the less I do, the more content I am and notice the best moments like my daughter wearing her Doc McStuffins outifit tending to her stuffed animals that are lined up in what she says is their waiting room.  😉  I remember watching a video once where they were interviewing elderly women and the question was, “If you could change one thing about your past what would it be?”  One woman responded with, “I would do less and just be more.”  I loved that quote and understood exactly what she meant. 

     One of the easiest ways for me to be completely in the moment is to be outside with my camera.  I see beauty in the details all around me and think about nothing else.  It’s a form of mediation to me and I lose all track of time when I do it.  When I’m photographing people it takes a little more focus to stay centered since I’m adding in the energy of others.  I prefer photographing outdoors because I find that not only do my subjects look the most beautiful in natural light, but they can’t help but relax into the moment as well.  Parents and siblings say silly things to make each other laugh naturally which makes the most beautiful shots.

     The motto I chose for my business is, “Embrace the Moment” because more than anything I want my subjects to see the beauty in who and where they are today.  I believe that wherever you are at that moment is perfect and just as you intended it to be.  If you are going through a difficult situation, you will desire improvement in a stronger way than ever before.  If it’s a joyful moment, you feel completely alive and know in your heart that this feeling is what you were put on Earth to feel. 

     What can you do today to help yourself to be more in the moment?  Here are 10 things to try and you can start today!

  1. Ease into your day- wake up earlier than the rest of your family to meditate or just to spend quiet time thinking about how you want your day to go.
  2. Be intentional with what you decide to do today. Only put three things on your to do list that must be done today.  The rest can wait.
  3. Do less, and observe more.  Try writing in a journal what you see and how you feel.
  4. Spend more time outside and just listen.
  5. Schedule time into your day to do what you love and don’t put it off because your chores are not finished yet.
  6. Watch the birds as they fly through the sky and think about how free they must feel.
  7. Watch your kids from a distance and see the beauty of who they are at this very moment.
  8. Listen to uplifting music.
  9. Write down what your wishes are and how it will feel when you have them.
  10. Be grateful and write down in a journal everything that is already going well for you.

     Embrace the moments as they come and start today on your new journey.  It doesn’t matter what you did yesterday.  You are anew today, so get out there and embrace your joyous day!